Qubbo Finisterre


  • Body: 9-layer plywood, HPL laminate
  • Base: Non slip plywood
  • Side table: Three-layer laminated bamboo .
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Depth: 95cm

Compatible vehicles

  • Volkswagen T5 Transporter
  • Volkswagen T6 Transporter
  • Volkswagen T5 Caravelle
  • Volkswagen T6 Caravelle
  • Opel Vivaro
  • Nissan Primastar
  • Nissan NV-300
  • Nissan NV-200
  • Renault Trafic

Price: 2.100€ IVA incl.


Sliding kitchen

A large drawer with a portable stove* with space for all kitchen utensils.

Side table

The kitchen drawer incorporates a side table that can be placed on the outside of the drawer and a table top, made of bamboo.

Storage cabinet

A huge storage area will alow you to never run out of space for your gear.

Top access storage space

A huge transversal trunk, located against the second row of seats. Thanks to our bed system, it is always accessible, with the bed folded or unfolded.

Elastic cord hinges

We have developed our own hinge system, inspired by marine applications. Made with elastic cord. Robust and durable, they eliminate the traditional cold metal hinges. Weatherproof, UV and friction proof.

Fastening system

Several attachment spots allow the Qubbo to be tied to the vehicle’s mounting points using fastening straps. They may vary according to the vehicle.

Drop-down bed base

It unfolds easily in a few seconds on the second row of folded seats. With ventilation to prevent condensation and humidity.

Storage drawer

Above the sliding kitchen, is located another drawer for more storage, with a removable separator.


Four handles allow you to conveniently load and unload the Qubbo from your vehicle.


Made of 8cm of HR 30kg/m3 density foam, for an optimal rest. Made of 3 or 6 pieces joined together with washable covers . Optionaly in 5cm of foam + 3cm of viscoelastic foam*.

*accessories sold separately



Butsir MS-1000 stove.

Single burner portable gas stove. Works with B-250 gas canisters.

Pull out storage tray

A massive tray makes your storage area much more accessible. Very practical in case you’d like to install a fridge. With heavy duty slides rated ut to 200kg, it will carry whatever you need!

Viscoelastic foam matress

Replace your 8cm foam mattresses with a 5cm foam + 3cm viscoelastic foam matress.